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Cellist & singer songwriter Monique Clare on stage with her cello, smiling.
Image credit: Chontalle Musson

Monique Clare

If you like Björk, choral music, singer songwriters, and the cello … then may I introduce  Monique Clare from Australia.  It is rare for me to find a musician who pulls on every string in my body, and when it happens I feel so lucky to have found them.  On her website she sites Björk and choral music as major influencers, and then having spent time in the US at songwriting camps I simply must thank the universe for this magical combination of musical sources that created this incredible musician.  

Monique writes about intimate experiences from her life with cathartic lyrics that only add to the listening experience of her soul wrenching compositions.  Yes compositions, because on her latest album titled “Sight”, she has pushed the boundaries of the singer songwriter to become a full fledged band arranger like she never did anything else.

I will wait patiently for this Australian to perform here in the US, but in the meantime we can all enjoy her through her website.

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