Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards

If your soul is yearning for beauty and healing, you may want to catch Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards at one of their CD release shows.  California Calling is the name of this prog-post-folk gem of an album, and it showcases the gorgeous vocal harmonies of Laura (fiddle), Valerie Thompson (cello), Jenna Moynihan (fiddle), and Natalie Bohrn (bass).

I had the pleasure of hearing The Dance Cards live at the Oberon in Cambridge, MA, and it is fair to say that I was either grooving at the edge of my seat to songs like “Pace Myself”, or bawling my eyes out at the likes of “Lay Me Low”, although the latter being from a previous album Into The Dark.  The satisfying musicianship of these women, the unapologetically emotional lyrics, and the absolute raw, but intricate beauty of their harmonies will leave you filled with comfort and gratitude for all that music offers.  Yes, it was indeed amazing!

Click here to see their tour schedule and to buy tickets.



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