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The Magic of Violinist Diana Adamyan

Born in 2000 in Yerevan, Armenia, violinist Diana Adamyan sprung onto the classical music scene after winning the 2018 Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition.  I remember when she started to appear on my Facebook feed sometime in 2018, probably through the Violin Channel, and I immediately stopped to listen to her silky tone and unbelievably sharp yet smooth articulation.  You can hear EVERYTHING in her playing, every note is so clear, done with such fluid dynamics, and phrasings that give you chills, just an absolute thrill to listen to. 

I think this video recording of Diana playing Paganiniana by Nathan Milstein represents her brilliance super well.  Notice her powerful double stop section at 0:27 done with such a gentle touch, her buttery arpeggios at 0:58 where she is in absolute control of all dynamics as she glides across the strings like there is nothing to it, the dreamy slow sixths passage at 4:48 and the detail with which she ends that phrase at 5:12, the rise up to the upper register at 5:23 with such shiny tone and vibrato while perfectly in tune … I rest my case.  Truly an artist to follow and enjoy hopefully for years to come. 

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