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This version of Vivaldi’s 3rd movement of the Summer simply bursts with excitement and energy, and I LOVE the offset accents! Check out more videos and audio of this album by Delirium Musicum, Vivaldi Seasons, reimagined and rearranged here.
I happened to see the Punch Brothers live at House of Blues in Boston almost 10 years ago, and it was one of the more crazy brilliant concerts I have ever been to.  They have energy, originality, virtuosity like few others, and plenty of beauty.  Go see them!
I will gladly admit that I have a dream of joining this band.  How fun is this!  The energy is off the roof, you have to start dancing, the big band/funk/trad/folk combo is absolutely irresistible!
I have had the pleasure of seeing Laura Cortese live several times in the last few years, and a more energetic and rich artist is hard to find.  Her live performances are just as good as the recordings, if not better, so if she is performing in your area just go!  You
Bambodansarna has been a favorite tune of mine for many years, for the  irresistible groove, the raw nyckelharpa, and the all around string joy engulfment.  This track does not disappoint.  Click here for more on Väsen and it’s wide reach.
This breathtaking video performance is brought to you by the concertmaster of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Malin Broman.  Her playfulness with the 7 ensemble members is particularly delightful 🙂 Watch to the very end!

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